HAZMAT Endorsement Training

You need a HAZMAT endorsement to transport:

Flammable or combustible liquids
Other toxic materials

Course Length and Content: In order to legally transport hazardous materials, you need a HAZMAT Endorsement on your CDL. Having this endorsement can open additional opportunities to you as a commercial vehicle driver. You need to have a Class A, B, or C license before you can get the HAZMAT Endorsement, so our HAZMAT class is designed for drivers who already have their license, or to be added on to one of our CDL courses. This is a classroom-only course, consisting of 16 hours of training with our qualified instructors. You’ll learn about HAZMAT regulations at the federal and Washington state level, as well as how to safely load and unload hazardous shipments. At the end of the course, you’ll be prepared to take the HAZMAT endorsement test.

TSA Procedures

The HAZMAT endorsement test is run by the TSA, and therefore requires additional fees and procedures. You must also be a US citizen to qualify. In addition to the written exam, you should be prepared to:

  • Fill out an online application on the TSA website
  • Complete a medical screening
  • Complete a TSA background security screening
  • Pay a fee ($86.50 for new applicants)

Our maximum class size is 12 students with a 3:1 student to instructor ratio

Course information

Location: Olympia, Washington

Evening and weekend courses are available, subject to scheduling and number of students.