Class B CDL Training - Single Vehicle or Bus

Course Length and Content : 80 complete long periods of business truck driver preparing; including 40 hrs. homeroom guidance, with all supports prepared; 40 hrs. of field preparing with the relevant vehicle, truck or transport, including 14 hrs. of road driving preparing, 8 hrs. preparing in moving moves, 8 hrs. capability improvement and 10 hrs. consolidated lab preparing, extend preparing and perception. Graduates get a Diploma, Transcript, and Commercial Driver Training Certification for DOL making them qualified to get their Class B CDL upon effectively finishing the CDL abilities assessments.

Maximum class size is 12 students with a student to instructor ratio of 3:1

New 3 - week courses begin every 2 weeks:

M thru F, 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM | Location: Olympia (evening and weekend courses available, subject to scheduling and number of students)