About Us

Washington Trucking school is a CDL school located in Olympia, WA, we provide quality training for Class A, Class B, Passenger/School Bus and Hazmat Training.

Each Of Our instructors has over 30 years of Teaching Experience with Accident/Violation Free Driving Background. They take the time to provide our students with quality training so that you don’t just pass your CDL exam but become a safe Professional Driver that is road ready.

Washington Trucking School believes in giving their students the attention that they deserve, that is why we offer small class sizes. This allows you to have more one-on-one time to work with your instructor.

Driving a Tractor/Trailer can be stressful if you don’t have the proper training. We take the time to go over various scenarios that drivers may end up facing in their careers. When you graduate from Washington Trucking School you don’t just walk away with your CDL but with the knowledge of our experienced instructors.

With more drive time offered , you will have more confidence when it comes to preparing for your job as a Licensed Commercial Driver. Ask us about our Job Placement Opportunities, we want to help you start a successful driving career in the Trucking Industry.

Why Us

  • Locally Owned and Operated

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Our drivers may cross the country, but our roots are in the community. We’re based in Olympia, WA and dedicated to providing the best truck driving training to Washington state drivers. If you’re based in the Olympia area, you’ll be able to train locally before starting a new career.

  • Instructors Who Care

Our instructors have decades of teaching experience and specialize in accident-free training. Our goal is not just to help you pass your CDL exam quickly, but to prepare you for a safe and successful career as a professional truck driver in the long term. We have small class sizes with only three students to every one instructor, meaning you’ll receive one-on-one attention and be able to really benefit from our instructors’ expertise.

  • Job Placement

We work with a network of national transportation companies to provide our students with excellent employment opportunities upon graduation. As part of our program, our staff will work with you to help you find and apply for a job that matches what you’re looking for.

  • Well Maintained and Updated Equipment

At the Washington Trucking School, you’ll be learning how to drive using recent models and well-maintained equipment. This not only helps to keep you safe and comfortable while training, it better prepares you for a career of driving and using the latest technology.

  • Great Location

Our trucking school is based in Olympia, making it a convenient location for drivers in the capital or the Seattle area. Olympia is also a great place for driving. From our location at the southernmost point of Puget Sound, you’ll enjoy beautiful views as you complete the driving portion of your training.

  • No Contract CDL Training

Some truck driving schools advertise “free” CDL training. In reality, a company pays for your training in return for locking you into a contract, typically for about a year. When under contract, you cannot leave that company, and you will typically earn significantly less money. At Washington Trucking School, we offer no contract training. You will be responsible for paying your tuition, but then you will be free to choose any employer, some of which offer tuition reimbursement. You will also be able to make higher starting wages

  • Time-Tested, Proprietary Method

When you’re starting out, you depend on the quality of your training to be a safe and successful truck driver. Our instructors use a time-tested, proprietary teaching model, designed to help you remember all of your training in the long term and maintain a clean record when you become a professional driver.

  • Securing Your Entry into one of America‚Äôs Highest-Paying Professions

At Washington Trucking School, our mission is to provide the highest-quality truck driving training and help our students to create lasting careers. We focus on more than just helping you get your Washington State CDL. Once you’re licensed, we work to place you into a career you’ll love.